Manuals and Quickstart Guides

Condition Manager Quick Start Guide Tango Mobile Quick Start Guide Repair Tracker™ Oilography™ User Manual (Setup and Assessing)
Equipment Manager Quick Start Guide QR Code Assignment Guide Download Repair Tracker Shop Procedure Trends and Observations Setup
Condition Assessment Assignment Equipment Repair & Return
Condition Assessment Assignment Report
Cost Tracking Report
Database Admin
Multi Mode
Locations Not Measured
Advanced Case Closure
End of Life Planned Removal Report

More Support Documents:
Report Definitions
Concert Documentation
Reports Preview - A quick overview of Tango Reports.
XML Imports Admin - Explains the XML Location Import Process (advanced users).
Equipment Import Procedure - This page briefly explains usage of the Equipment Import Spreadsheets to import equipment, along with detailed design information, into Tango.
Location Import Spreadsheet - This procedure explains how to import a location tree structure into Tango using a excel spreadsheet. Contact 24/7 systems to obtain the spreadsheet.