Tango™ - Report Preview

A brief summary of available Tango Reports, please Contact Us for more information or to turn these reports on for your database.

Asset Health Report

Asset Health Report Screen Shot
The Asset Health Report allows a user to quickly review the percentage of health levels for individual technology areas or the overall asset health of the facility. The three levels, Green, Yellow, and Red, are determined by the measurements take during Condition Assessment Tasks. For example, "Measured, No Problem Found" are represented by Green, "Measured, No Problem, Add Condition Comment" represents Yellow, and "Measured, Condition Entry" represents Red. Not Measured locations are not taken into consideration for this report.

Asset Fitness Report

Asset Fitness Summary Screen Shot

The Asset Fitness Summary report allows users to view the health of measured asset components as a percentage. The users must determine the Fitness Percentage Goal before using the report. In the report above, the Goal is 80%. By using the total number of components in a location and dividing that number by the total number of components fit for service, a percentage is calculated. If the percentage of fit equipment is below the goal percentage, the location will be represented in Red. This report also allows the user to navigate down to the asset level to obtain more detail.

Condition Entry Details

Condition Entry Screen Shot

The Condition Entry Report provides details about a condition entry where the user can review the entry details, linked documents, faults, and more. They also have the ability to checkoff and close the condition entry from this report. A printable version is available from this location by clicking the "Details Report".

Condition Assessment Task Metrics

Condition Assessment Task Metrics Screen Shot

The Condition Assessment Task Metrics report provides a user with quick overview of completed and open Condition Assessment Assignments, as well as, the results of the assignments for a given date range. Users have the ability to select date ranges or export the report to an excel spreadsheet.

Condition Assessment Severity Over Time

Condition Assessment Severity Over Time Screen Shot

The Condition Assessment Severity Over Time report indicates the most severe assessment state based on the last assessment for the period. For assessments on tasks spanning a period longer than a month, the severity for the assessment is 'held' for the duration of the task interval. This means if a task is on a 90 interval, and is assessed on June 1, the assessment state is applied to July and August, and finally September unless there is an assessment at any time after June 1. Revision: Prior to July 2014, tasks without a task interval were not visible in this report.

Assessment Technologies Assigned to a Component

Assessment Tech Assigned Screen Shot

The Assessment Technologies Assigned to a Component is a report produced by Tango upon request. This report provides the user with a list of Components and what technologies that they are currently associated with.

Task Items Not Measured in Date Range

Task Items Not Measured Screen Shot

The Task Items Not Measured In a Date Range can be generated at any level of the tree to show all Asset Components under that filtered location associated with a Task that have not been measured in a given date range.

Condition Entry Cost Tracking

Condition Entry Cost Tracking Screen Shot

The Condition Entry Cost Tracking Report provides a complete list of all condition entries with Actual and Projected Costs. The report allows users to edit the condition entry to add cost tracking numbers, once the costs are entered, the values will show in the appropriate columns once the report is regenerated.