Report Definitions

Tango™ provides multiple reports to benefit our clients for destributing reliability information. The links below will explain each report and provide information relative for that report.

Report Name Report Description
Condition Management
Asset Fitness Summary This report provides a status of ‘fit for service’, ‘has a defect’, or ‘is at risk due to non-measurement’ for assets with components on scheduled Condition Assessment Tasks or Process Parameter Routes.
Asset Health Report This report provides a ‘green, yellow, or red’ manager’s level view of locations, based on the last date assessed by one or more of the monitoring technologies in Condition Assessment Tasks.
Closed Condition Entry Report This report lists all Condition Entries closed during the selected period.
Condition Assessment History Report This report shows all Condition Assessments for a given Asset Component.
Condition Assessment Severity Over Time This report indicates the most severe assessment state for a location by each monitoring technology being used, based on the last Condition Task Assessment for each technology within the period.
Condition Assessment Task Metrics This report shows Route Adherence for Condition Assessment Tasks in a time period along with the number of locations assessed as “No Problems Found, Condition Entry Created” and “Not Measured” on each task.
Condition Entry Analysis This report breaks out the number and locations for faults reported in condition entries, and trends for condition entries opened and closed in time period.
Condition Entry Case Cost Tracking Report This report lists condition cases filtered by date range and monitoring technologies, and allows entry of actual costs when condition-based maintenance prevented failure in service vs projected failure in service costs – for building a cost avoidance/benefit case.
Condition Case Details This report provides details for all open and closed Condition Entries on an asset component, including access to Linked Documents, and Lifespan Charts.
Condition Review Report This report returns condition entry details for a Unit, Function, or Asset location, filtered by criteria such as data range, checkoff/closure status, monitoring technology, and severity.
Condition Risk Factor Rating Report This report ranks locations and condition entry cases by reliability risk, based on the frequency and severity of current and historical condition entry information.
Root Cause Corrective Action Status Report This report lists all open Corrective Actions for Root Cause cases on asset components within the logged-in user’s User Region.
Items Near End of Life Limit This report lists asset components beyond a designated percentage of life, based on budgeted hours and current hours for a location.
Last Two Condition Assessments This report shows the last two Condition Assessments for each component location.
Location History This report provides a historical listing of tagged equipment installed at a component location, including access to design properties for each tagged equipment.
Locations Not Measured This report lists Component locations that have not had a condition assessment since a specified date.
Planned Removal Status Listing This report shows asset components with a Planned Removal Date that have been entered through the Asset Component location in the tree, a condition entry in the Integrated Condition Status Report, or a component listed in the Risk Factor Rating Report
Process Parameters Currently Out of Bounds This report lists Process Parameter route measurements points that were in alarm or out-of-bounds the last time the route was completed.
Process Parameter Routes This function is used to edit routes or add new routes.
Task Items Not Measured in Date Range This report shows all Asset Components associated with a Condition Assessment Task that have not been measured in a given date range.
Work Planners Report This report shows locations with installed or spares equipment due* for inspection or rotation out of its current location by a specified date.
Equipment Management
Equipment History Analysis This report provides five sub-reports on number of repairs, repair costs, and MTBF for all locations and individual pieces of equipment in the database.
Equipment History Report This report provides history for a specific piece of tagged equipment, showing information on equipment properties, lifecycle states (purchase, in stores, service installation locations, multiple repairs, & scrap), and lifetime repair costs.