Tango™ Concert API

Tango's Concert API was designed to allow users to connect with Tango as a means to extract or input data. Many of our customers have a need for specific information to be gathered and retrieved order to properly satisfy their PdM programs. Other customers want to be able to insert data into Tango using their current software without extra manual labor to insert data. The Concert API may be the solution…

Tango customers currently use the API to:
  • Insert oil testing results from Oil Labs into Oilography.
  • Connects with CMMS software to send condition entry information to the CMMS and retrieve work order/request numbers.
  • Connects with custom applications to gather data for reliability reports and information.
In order to use the Concert API, a customer must contact 24/7 Systems, Inc. (Tango). Once a request is made, we will work with the customer to setup their connection to/from Tango.

Note Customer's programers must have a working coding knowledge of SOAP and their software. 24/7 Systems is not responsible to change or make modifications to security software in order to connect to/from Tango but may be able to provide guidance on possible solutions.

Concert CMMS When the CMMS link is clicked, data is sent to the CMMS Software and then retrieves the Work Order information to populate the Work Order fields.