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Tango™ Administrator Training Course

Course Dates and Time:
Note Customized training sessions are available at any time to meet your scheduling needs.
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Tango Administrators Traning Material (Agenda & Lab)

Course Description:

Designed to "Train the Trainer" on all aspects of Tango™, this course begins with the basic functions and set-up, progressively building to advanced reliability functions. Attendees will receive both visual presentations and hands-on exercises through a balanced mix of instructional class training and access to a demo database in our Tango™ Systems Lab. Each attendee will leave with a strong working knowledge of all Tango™ components, such as setting up, administrating, and operating all Tango™ functions, as well as the ability to train other users on how to navigate and function within Tango™.

Course Agenda:

All topics consist of class and lab.
A personal laptop is needed gain the best experience. Please contact us if you need access to a laptop.

Day 1

1. Database Administration
2. Database Structure & Setup
3. Equipment Lifecycle Tracking

Day 2

4. Equipment Lifecycle and Lab
5. Repair Tracker

Day 3

6. Tango™ Mobile
7. Work Planners Report
8. Root Cause Failure Analysis
9. Condition Assessment Task

Day 4

10. Integrated Condition Status Report
11. Asset Fitness Report
12. Rounds Logging Inspections
13. Oilography™