Manuals and Quickstart Guides

Condition Manager Quick Start Guide Tango Mobile Quick Start Guide Repair Tracker™ Oilography™ User Manual (Setup and Assessing)
Equipment Manager Quick Start Guide QR Code Assignment Guide Download Repair Tracker Shop Procedure Download Oilography Lab Data Submission Trends and Observations Setup
Condition Assessment Assignment Equipment Repair & Return RoundsLogging Mobile Quick Start Guide
Condition Assessment Assignment Report
ICSR Quick Start Guide
Cost Tracking Report
Database Admin
Multi Mode
Locations Not Measured
Advanced Case Closure
End of Life Planned Removal Report

More Support Documents:
Report Definitions
Concert Documentation
Reports Preview - A quick overview of Tango Reports.
XML Imports Admin - Explains the XML Location Import Process (advanced users).
Equipment Import Procedure - This page briefly explains usage of the Equipment Import Spreadsheets to import equipment, along with detailed design information, into Tango.
Location Import Spreadsheet - This procedure explains how to import a location tree structure into Tango using a excel spreadsheet. Contact 24/7 systems to obtain the spreadsheet.