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QR Code Assignment Guide

This guide is to help users assign unspecified QR Codes to equipment, location, or user tag.

Note: Before users are able to use Tango™ Mobile, users must have a barcode scanner installed on their SmartPhone or Tablet. Some devices may already have this type of application installed, other will have to download one from an App Store. For this tutorial, we are using ZXing ("Zebra Crossing") which is available for Android and Apple products.

Important:All QR Codes have to be entered into 24/7 Systems, Inc. databases before they can be associated with the Users Database, contact us for more information.

To assign a QR code, scan an unassigned QR code with a Smart Phone or Tablet.

Once users have scanned the QR code, users may be prompted to choose a course of action, choose "Open Browser" or the equivalent. This will bring the users to a login screen which will require their Tango™ username and password. Note: User must have "Location Edit Users" rights to assign QR Codes.

QR Assignment Guide

After entering a username and password, the user will see the following screen.

QR Assignment Guide

From this screen, users will have three options to assign the QR Code:

1.) Equipment Tag
2.) Location Tag
3.) User Tag

Touch the blue title bar to move between these options.

Equipment Tag

To assign the QR to Equipment, touch the Equipment Tag blue bar:

1.) Enter the Plant Tag ID into the text field, and select "Search".

QR Assignment Guide

2.) All available items for that search will be displayed in a new screen. Select "Assign" next to the desired Equipment.

Location Tag

To assign the QR to Location, touch the Location Tag blue bar:

QR Assignment Guide

1.) Touch the drop-down box to select a search method, touch "Done".

2.) Enter the Alias ID into the text field, and select "Search".

Note: If the user wishes to enter a barcode, users must have a keyboard barcode app installed. We currently are using "Barcode Keyboard". Touch the "Barcode Scan" (figure 1) button and scan the barcode, the barcode information will be inserted into the text field. Touch "Search".

Barcode Keyboard Button(figure 1)

3.) All available items for that search will be displayed in a new screen. Select "Assign" next to the desired Location Alias.

QR Assignment Guide

User Tag

To assign the QR to User, touch the User Tag blue bar:

All available user will be displayed, select the "Assign" button next to the desired User.

QR User Assignment