Condition Assessment Assignment Report -
Locations Not Measured

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The Locations Not Measured Report searches for all condition assessment states that have been reported as Nothing Measured or for locations that have no assessment states reported at all. This report will be used to ensure all component locations are inspected and reported with an assessment state of Measured-No Problem, Measured-Mildly Abnormal, or Measured-Condition Entry.

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Note Assessment states may vary by database.

These location assessment states can be filtered: since a specific date, within a span of time, or by an assigned PdM technology. The default setting only includes locations that are on at least one condition assessment task. However, the report can also search for locations that are not on condition assessment tasks at all.

All report results can be exported to Excel. 

Running the Report

The Locations Not Measured Report is enabled database-by-database by the 24/7 Systems customer support team. The report is found in the menu of the Plant, Unit, Function, and Asset level, under Other Reports. Only components beneath the selected location will be included in the results.

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Search Options

Not Measured Since

Locations that haven’t had a measurement since an entered date will show in the results as being Not Measured. If left blank, then any location without a measurement history will be displayed.

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Not Measured Between

Click Toggle Date Range to search for locations that have no measurement history during a specific date range. For example, enter “Jan 1, 2017” and “Jan 1, 2018” to list every location that hasn’t been measured during 2017 (from 12am -12am). If the 2nd date range isn’t specified, then this option behaves like Not Measured Since (above).

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Each task is defined with a technology type used to measure the task locations. Select a technology type to search all locations not measured by the selected technology. If you select Any, the report will display all locations that have no measurement history regardless of technology.

Show Locations not on a Condition Assessment Task

Some locations have not been measured because they have not been assigned to a task at all. Check the box, Show Locations not on a Task, to have these locations shown in a separate table.

Search Results

Measurement Totals

Some helpful information to determine how many locations are being measured is listed up top in the Results panel. Total Locations is a count of the locations available in the filtered part of the asset tree. Locations on a Task is a count of those filtered locations on an active task. Locations Measured is a count of the filtered locations that have been measured, at any time and with any technology.

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Locations Not Measured

The results of a search will list every location that hasn’t been measured within the search criteria. The Locate in Tree button will show the location in the Asset Tree. Criticality will show the component’s criticality if it has one, or else the parent asset’s criticality, if specified there. Only tasks of the specified technology type will be shown.

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Locations not on a Task

Any locations that haven’t been measured, because they have yet to be put on a task, can be presented as well. There are no tasks or historic measurements of those locations to display.

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Sharing the Report

Excel Export

By clicking the Export button in the header of the Results tab, an Excel file is generated containing the report results.

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The Locations Not Measured sheet displays the results from that table.

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The Taskless Locations sheet displays the results from the locations not on a task table.

Location Not Measured ScreenShot 10

The Misc sheet displays the selected search options and measurement totals.
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