Condition Assessment Assignment Report Guide

With the changes in Tango Version 7, the addition of a new Condition Assessment Assignment Report has been added. This guide is help you navigate through the report and explain the basic features.

Running the report
Condition Assessment Assign Overview Tab
Condition Entry Summary Tab
Condition Entry Details Tab
Condition Comments Tab
Missing Locations Tab
No Problems Found Tab
Email Tab

Running the report

To run a Condition Assessment Assignment Report, start from the Tango™ tree or clicking the Condition Assessment Assign Search Icon on the Tango™ toolbar.

Click the "+" next to Services

Click the "+" next to Condition Assessment Services

Double-click the Condition Assessment Report Search

In the navigation window, the Condition Assessment Assignment Search Options will display. Click the Closed option and click Search
Note: To narrow the search, fill out the other fields in the form.

Click the View Report link to choose the desired report

Condition Assessment Report 1

Condition Assessment Assign Overview Tab

The Overview Tab displays a summary of the Assignment Report in a visual pie chart with a descriptive legend to the right.

The top pie chart represent the Condition Entry Severities and the percentage of each severity is present for that task.

The bottom chart represents the count of each type of measurements or non-measurements and percentages that were present in tha t task.

Condition Assessment Report 2

Condition Entry Summary Tab

The Condition Entry Summary will display a summary of the Condition Entry for that current Task Report, displaying the severity level, location levels, and the days open.

Condition Assessment Report 3

Condition Entry Details Tab

The Condition Entry Details will provide a full description of the Condition Entry for each entry, displaying the locations, faults, comments, recommendations, linked documents, and a QR code that links to the Condition Entry so that it may be viewed on a Smart Device with ease.

The Option Bar above the Condition Comment Details gives the user more control.

Options include:

 1) Navigate to the next/previous condition entry by clicking the next/previous arrows
 2) Type in the number of the entry desired
 3) Adjust the viewing size
 4) Search for a specfic entry
 5) Export the entry to an Excel, PDF, or Word document
 6) Refresh the page

Condition Assessment Report 4

Condition Comments Tab

The Condition Comments Tab displays the location and any comments made that were not part of a Condition Entry.

Condition Assessment Report 5

Missing Locations Tab

The Missing Location Tab displays any points that were not measured for that tTask and the reason it was not measured.

Condition Assessment Report 6

No Problems Found Tab

This tab displays all measured points that had no problems or comments.

Condition Assessment Report 7

Email Tab

The email tab allows the user to send this report, a link to this, or print this report to a PDF.

Report Sections To Include: Check or uncheck any boxes to include or exclude any section of this report. (All Checked By Default)

Report Options:
  • Include Cover Page: Uncheck the box to exclude the cover page from the report. (Checked By Default)
  • Combine Into One Report: Unchecking this box will send multiple emails with each individual section of the report (7 emails will be sent in the example images shown). (Checked By Default)
  • Thumbnail Images: By checking this box thumbnails images will be generated and replace the full size images for all linked documents that are attached to Condition Entries. This will reduce the size of the email/report and decrease the chance for emails to be bounced back due to email file size restrictions. (Unchecked By Default)
Recipients: Double-click the name of the user which the report will be send to or type in the address of a user that is not in the Recipient Box in the text box below.
Note: Seperate the users with a comma if the address is manually entered.

Email Subject: Customize the email subject line by typing in the desired subject text.

Condition Assessment Report 8

When the email is received by the recipient, the user will have three viewing options.

1) View the PDF file version opening the attachment
2) Veiw the Online Version by clicking the link
3) Veiw the Smart Device Version by scanning the QR Code

Note: The QR Code image may not be shown if your email application requires you to confirm images before opening them.

Condition Assessment Report 9