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Technical Paper - Smart Devices are changing Physical Asset Management

What are QR Codes?
What is Tango™ Mobile?
Accessing Tango™ Mobile:
What can Tango™ Mobile Do?

What are QR codes?

QR Codes (aka. Quick Response, 2D Barcode) have been around for sometime, since 1994. They were created and mainly used in Japan, but only recently has it been utilized in the US with the introduction of Smartphones. These camera scannable codes, Fig. 1.1, work much like that of a barcode, but to a greater degree of usability. They can be programmed with text, images, email, or more importantly for Tango™, URLs which we link to our clients databases in our web services.

Tango Mobile Phones and QR Code

What is Tango™ Mobile?

In today's electronic document world, normally there is lots of information about plant equipment, however in order to find this information one must spend hours searching different sources for the details needed. Tango™ solved much of this problem with our web bases or desktop application. The facility, contractors, and repair shops enter all information about the piece of equipment or location, which is stored in a database that can be accesses through a few different methods. However, until the arrival of SmartPhones, a person would only have the ability to access this information through the Tango Webservice or Application on a PC or Laptop.

Tango™ Mobile was designed so that users could access this information from anywhere, as long as there is a phone or Wi-Fi signal present. If a user has the proper rights, they can also make changes, add information, create condition entries, download and add route information and measurements, or even request equipment moves and uninstalls.

By allowing users to access this information directly from the plant floor reduces wasted time and money. Users can access key information on the spot, which enables them to make more accurate choices and actions, and reduce “dropped balls.”

Accessing Tango™ Mobile:

Users have two options when accessing Tango™ Mobile.

Users can log into Tango the same way they can logon with a PC or Laptop. However, once they have enter their username and password, they have the option of selecting the Mobile browsing option.

Or Scanning a QR Code which will send them directly to Equipment or Location Information, Roundslogging Routes, or User Login Screen.

Equipment Login Location Login Roundslogging Login User Login

See Mobile Login in our Quick Start Guide for instructions.

What can Tango™ Mobile Do?

Tango™ Mobile now allows user to access four areas of information.
  • Equipment Information
  • Location Information
  • Roundslogging
  • User Logging allowing equipment searching

Mobile Legend

Equipment Information

Equipment QR Tags allow users to scan the QR Code to access:
  • View equipment information
  • View linked documents
  • View repair history
  • View or edit historical equipment notes
  • Perform a filtered equipment search to find replacements
  • Uninstall equipment
  • Send a piece of equipment for repair

Equipment Options After Login

Location Information

Location QR Tags allow users to scan the QR Code to access:
  • Condition History
  • Linked Documents
  • Add Condition Entry
  • Uninstall Equipment
  • View Condition Assessment Assignments

Location Options After Login


Scanning the QR Tag for a Roundslogging Route(s) allows users to:
  • View Routes
  • Filter Routes
  • Download a Route
  • Complete Routes
  • Add a Comment and Reference Code to Prompt a Condition Entry
  • Attach a Linear Bar Code to a Route Point

Routes List

User Login

User QR Tags allow a user to login to Tango™ quickly by send them directly to the login screen. After logging in, the user can search for Equipment, Locations, or Routes.

User Login Search

To view the Tango™ Mobile QR Quick Start Guide, click here. This guide will walk you through the steps of using Tango™ Mobile.