Tango - RCFA
Root Cause Failure Analysis Manager

While many companies have a formalized root cause of failure analysis process, the process for managing the RCFA progress, case actions, repairs and reapplication to similar equipment is not standardized, easily communicated, nor accountable.

Tangoâ„¢ provides a RCFA information management tool which stores and manages information generated by your RCFA process.  The Root Cause Entry screen (figure 1) is designed to capture critical RCFA case information as it becomes available.

Figure 1 - RCFA data entry

Figure 2 - RCFA Summary Page

The Root Cause entry status, figure 2, provides a summary of all open RCFA cases and progress information on each case.

The RCFA corrective action status report, figure 3, rolls up the assigned action for all personnel assigned corrective actions. This list provides RCFA actions from all open cases, by individual.

Figure 3 - RCFA Corrective Actions Report

RCFA Emails

An e-mail will be sent to 'assigned personnel' for specified actions in RCFAs. Assigned personnel are setup in the User Configuration interface.

Events triggering emails to be sent from Tango:

1) RCFA action item defined

2) RCFA action item completed

3) RCFA case closed

Figure 4 - RCFA action item list