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The objective on Tango's Condition Management function is to facilitate the "Elimination of Failures in Service."
The objective of Tango's Equipment Management function is to reduce total lifecycle cost by extending equipment life between repairs.
To extend the life of industrial equipment and obtain higher degree of equipment and motor management, the plant must understand the root cause of failure and systematically remove these failure causes.
Oilography™ provides systematic oil sample analysis management for Industrial facilities. Oilography's™ web based approach provides easier schedule management, fast data review, and powerful interactive reports.
Tango RoundsLogging allows users to upgrade from paper and clipboard to Smart Phones and Tablets for in-plant data collection such as basic operator care inspections, lubrication routes, and infrared thermography or ultrasonic surveys. Problems founds through these sources are integrated with those coming from other condition monitoring activities and elevated to the Integrated Condition Status dashboard.
Tango™ provides a RCFA information management tool which stores and manages information generated by your RCFA process.
Tango™ Mobile was designed so that users could access this information from anywhere, as long as there is a phone or Wi-Fi signal present.