24/7 Systems Company Profile

24/7 Logo Tango Web Service, from 24/7 Systems, delivers reliability information management services for industrial plants on a monthly subscription fee basis. Equipment design, location, condition status, failure mode, and repair history is stored in a single web hosted database. The data is entered by industrial manufacturing plants, predictive maintenance service providers, and equipment repair vendors. This standardizes nomenclature and integrates information from many independent sources, and allows plant personnel to retrieve information through a web browser for day-to-day maintenance decisions and longer-term reliability analysis.

Tango Web Service allows outside service contractors and repair vendors to input their information directly via a Tango web portal instead of sending multiple stand-alone reports by e-mail. This saves time and keyboarding labor for plant personnel. Also, as these information sources change over time, Tango remains constant in presenting reliability information to plant users.

More than 200 industrial sites and vendors use Tango Web Service today for communication, accountability tracking, and analysis of critical reliability metrics.