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Product Details
Tango™ Condition Management The objective on Tango's™ Condition Management function is to facilitate the "Elimination of Failures in Service."
Tango™ Equipment Management The objective of Tango's™ Equipment Management function is to reduce total lifecycle cost by extending equipment life between repairs.
Tango™ Repair Tracker Designed to extend the life of industrial equipment and obtain higher degree of equipment and motor management.
Oilography™ Oilography™ provides systematic oil sample analysis management for Industrial facilities. Oilography's™ web based approach provides easier schedule management, fast data review, and powerful interactive reports.
RoundsLogger Tango™ RoundsLogging is an economical way to involve operators and mechanics in a plant's reliability program.
Facility Brochure Tango™ Facility - Your partner in building a best practices reliability program.