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What are QR Codes and Tango™ Mobile?...

QR Codes (aka. Quick Response, 2D Barcode) have been around for sometime, since 1994. They were created and mainly used in Japan, but only recently has it been utilized in the US with the introduction of Smartphones. These camera scannable codes, Fig. 1.1, work much like that of a barcode, but to a greater degree of usability. They can be programmed with text, images, email, or more importantly for Tango™, URLs which we link to our clients databases in our web services.

In today's electronic document world we usually have lots of information about plant equipment, but often spend hours searching different sources for the details we need.

Figure 1.1

So what does this mean for our customers? By attaching a QR Code Tag to a piece of equipment (or location, route, etc.), the customer can scan that tag with their Smartphone and instantly connect to that equipment's information, history, or documents without having to retreat to their office or computer.

After logging in to the application, they can take actions (in this case, on a specific piece of equipment); Find Replacement, Equipment Search, Send for Repair, or Uninstall Equipment. The client is also able to view the "Location" information by click the "Location Info" tree links at the top.

Locations QR Codes (and location searches) offer even more interaction, Figure 1.2, such as Condition History and Condition Entry.


Figure 1.2

Tango™ QR codes can be installed on equipment or at locations by plant personnel, contractors, or repair vendors.

Take a Test Drive...

Here are three QR codes linked to a demo Tango™ database. For a Tango™ Mobile quick start guide click here.

You can scan your computer screen to demo! No printing is necessary.

We'd appreciate a call or email to give us feedback on how this type of Smartphone application can be used at your plant; we're especially interested in hearing other ideas for using your Smartphone in your plant's reliability program.

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