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Tango Mobile - Introduction

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Tango Facilitates Circuit Breaker Labeling

Capability developed for a major hospital has broad appeal.

Every circuit and circuit modification must be clearly labeled as to its purpose by order of the National Electrical Code. For large organizations with thousands of circuit breaker panels, this effort can be quite difficult to sustain. Over time, panels get dated, labels fall off, breakers get damaged, and facilities get restructured, renovated or expanded. Each such event requires updates to the circuit breaker diagram and history.

One major metropolitan medical center on the East Coast has more than 5,000 electrical panels containing breakers across its campus. Critical circuits run to air handling equipment, operating rooms, patient and procedure rooms, medical research laboratories, and elevators. During a major infrastructure upgrade, the hospital's manager of electrical systems decided to leverage its existing Tango investment to improve the accuracy of its breaker directories. Tango was being used to support infrared scanning of its 5,000+ electrical panels. All circuit breakers, electrical closets and panels had been assigned quick response (QR) bar codes, and the inspection readings were being captured using smart devices.

Breaker Panel Layout

Now, the Tango directory tree that had already provided insight into every electrical system at the building, floor and room level, also carries detail down to the circuit level. The circuit breaker directory is a dynamic, online, interactive database that shows the breaker types, sizes, and what load is connected - for instance an operating room, patient room or specific equipment. Electricians can click on any circuit panel from their laptop and see all associated appliances. Important benefits include:

· Directory information is up-to-date, improving safety and compliance
· Changes are performed electronically, ensuring version control
· Update histories are captured, simplifying troubleshooting
· The directory is printed and handed to code inspectors, making their jobs easier
The hospital is currently exploring more value-added opportunities for Tango.

Further detail can be found in the full article.