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Reliability Info Mgt.- Why Care?

Managing Motor Reliability

Managing Reliability Across the Corporation

A likely scenario...

It's Thursday, 11 pm - you've been called out to check one of the most critical motors in your plant. Sure enough, there's a serious problem with the motor and you need to schedule a replacement during downtime this weekend. So you scribble down the motor information, walk back to your office, boot your computer, and start the search to locate a viable replacement. You really didn't need to get any sleep tonight, right?

Fast forward to the next situation like this. Now your plant is tracking its equipment inventory with web-based Tango™ Reliability Information Management, and each of your motors (or gearboxes, pumps, etc.) has a 2D barcode tag attached. Things happen quickly after you arrive at the motor:
  • You scan QR codes with your Smartphone to log in and review the motor's location history for vibration, lubrication and electrical problems to help you make your decision about replacement.

  • You create or continue a condition entry calling for the motor's replacement, which starts the work order process.

  • You access the design details of the failing motor with your Smartphone and locate a list of similar motors in your inventory, including their location, within seconds.

  • Still on the Smartphone you review likely replacements, looking at design details, history of failures and repairs, and recent condition results to confirm they're fit for service.

  • Within minutes, still beside the failing motor, you've selected a replacement, started the process to send the old motor out for repair, and now you're making the phone call, sending the e-mail, or issuing the work order to get the swap-out underway.

  • Most importantly, you're headed home to a comfortable bed by midnight!
Smart Phones and QR Codes
What is Tango&trade Mobile

In today's electronic document world we usually have lots of information about plant equipment, but often spend hours searching different sources for the details we need. Tango™ Reliability Information Management provides a single source for maintaining this valuable resource, and now Tango™ Mobile makes it retrievable through your Smartphone.

Smart Phones Scanner
Tango™ QR codes can be installed on equipment by plant personnel, contractors, or repair vendors. Quickly scan a QR code on a piece of equipment with a Smartphone and view the following information for that piece of equipment:

  • Condition History
  • Repair History
  • Design details
  • Linked Documents

Log In as an authorized Tango™ user to connect to the plant's Tango™ database; if you have the appropriate level of permissions you can trigger several actions:

  • Enter Condition/Problem Information
  • Search for equipment based on design parameters.
  • Find a replacement(s) in plant inventory.
  • Tell the database the existing piece of equipment is removed from the service location.
  • Tell the database, and a specific repair vendor, the equipment is being sent for repair.

Tango SmartPhone Legend
Take a Test Drive...

Here are three QR codes linked to a demo Tango™ database. For a Tango™ Mobile quick start guide click here.

You can scan your computer screen to demo! No printing is necessary.

Tango QRs

We'd appreciate a call or email to give us feedback on how this type of Smartphone application can be used at your plant; we're especially interested in hearing other ideas for using your Smartphone in your plant's reliability program.

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