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About RCFA

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RCFA is Now Available!

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) Information Management is now available to all Tango™ Users.

RCFA and It's Features

RCFA is a method of problem solving intended to discover the root cause of equipment failures.

By identifying and addressing failures by the root cause, rather than just fixing the end result, a facility can eliminate or reduced chronic failures and extent equipment life dramatically. Most Plants already have analytical processes and tools in place to perform a RCFA, however they fall short in managing the case process and corrective actions.

Tango’s RCFA Information Management System is designed to:
  • Initiate an RCFA on components exceeding set limits.
  • Capture RCFA information in a systematic manner.
  • Track RCFA progress.
  • Identify root causes and corrective actions.
  • Track completion of corrective actions.
  • Track reapplication of RCFA to similar equipment.

To access RCFA, a user must have "System Administrator Rights" or "Root Cause Editor Role" enabled. Only the Database Administrator can grant access to RCFA by editing the Database Administrator User Configuration for all users.

RCFA Features:

RCFA Data Entry -
A user can add RCFA with the Root Cause Entry Form. They can specify severity, frequency, downtimes, problem description, linked documents, and more!

RCFA Entry Form

RCFA Summary Page -
The summary page displays important information about active RCFA cases. Quickly view severity, problem summaries, and status. Users have the ability to take actions on a case as well.

RCFA Summary Page

RCFA Corrective Action Status Report -
This report displays the users responsible for the next action required for all open cases.

RCFA Status Report

RCFA Notification Emails -
RCFA will send a notification email to the person(s) response for the next action needed.

RCFA Email Notification

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