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Reliability Info Mgt.- Why Care?

Managing Motor Reliability

Managing Reliability Across the Corporation

A likely scenario...

It's late Friday afternoon - one of your best customers has called you to the plant to help evaluate a critical motor. Sure enough, there's a serious problem with the motor and they need to replace it during a short downtime window this weekend. So you and the plant engineer write down the name plate information and start the search - checking scattered records being kept by the electrical department, rummaging through the spares warehouses, making phone calls to see who might know where a matching motor can be found. Even worse, the plant engineer is starting to call your competitors to see if they have a replacement. You really weren't planning on making to your son's game tonight anyway, right?

Fast forward to the next situation like this. Now you shop has been helping that good customer track its motor with web-based Tango™ Reliability Information Management. That ailing critical motor has a 2D Quick Response (QR) barcode tag attached. Things happen quickly after you arrive at the plant:

  • You scan the motor's QR code with your Smartphone to review the motor'shistory for vibration, lubrication, and electrical problems, along with its repair history, to help the plant engineer make the decision about replacement.
  • You access the design details of the failing motor with your Smartphone and locate a list of similar motors in your inventory, including their location, within seconds.
  • Still on the Smartphone you review likely replacements, looking at design details and recent condition results to confirm they're fit for service.
  • You create a condition entry calling for the motor's replacement, which starts the work order process for the plant's work planning system.
  • Within minutes, still beside the failing motor, you've found the replacement and started the process to send the old motor to your shop for repair.
  • Most importantly, you keep your good customer's business and you're headed out of the plant gate with plenty of time to make it to the ball game!
Smart Phones and QR Codes
What is Tango™ Mobile

In today's electronic document world we usually have lots of information about plant equipment, but often spend hours searching different sources for the details we need. Tango™ Reliability Information Management provides a single source for maintaining this valuable resource, and now Tango™ Mobile makes it retrievable through your Smartphone.

Smart Phones Scanner
Tango™ QR codes can be installed on equipment by plant personnel, contractors, or repair vendors. Quickly scan a QR code on a piece of equipment with a Smartphone and view the following information for that piece of equipment:

  • Condition History
  • Repair History
  • Design details
  • Linked Documents

Log In as an authorized Tango™ user to connect to the plant's Tango™ database; if you have the appropriate level of permissions you can trigger several actions:

  • Enter Condition/Problem Information
  • Search for equipment based on design parameters.
  • Find a replacement(s) in plant inventory.
  • Tell the database the existing piece of equipment is removed from the service location.
  • Tell the database, and a specific repair vendor, the equipment is being sent for repair.

Tango SmartPhone Legend
Take a Test Drive...

Here are three QR codes linked to a demo Tango™ database. For a Tango™ Mobile quick start guide click here.

You can scan your computer screen to demo! No printing is necessary.

Tango QRs

We'd appreciate a call or email to give us feedback on how this type of Smartphone application can be used at your plant; we're especially interested in hearing other ideas for using your Smartphone in your plant's reliability program.

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