Adding Google Docs to Linked Documents

Users have the abiliy to link a Google Document to Tango&trade's Linked Documents.

Follow these steps to add a Google Linked Document

1) Open Google Docs. You will need to log in if you have not already done so.

Google Docs

2) Select "Upload", then "File..." from the Drop Down Menu.

Google Files

3) Select the file from your computer you wish to load to Google Docs, then click "Open".

Google Files Open

4) Choose your desired upload settings.
Note: Best to uncheck both options. If you do not wish to receive this prompt again, uncheck "Confirm Settings". Then click "Start Upload".

Google Settings

5) Once your download has completed, check the checkbox next to the document you uploaded. From the settings on the left side, select "Sharing - Settings".

Privicy Settings

6) If the file is set to private, click "Change", set the file to "Public on the Web", click "Save". From the next prompt window, copy the URL from the "Link to Share" text box.
Note:You may wish to paste this URL in notepad to be sure you do not lose the URL.

Privicy Settings

You can now add the linked document to both the Desktop Application and Webservices. To learn how to link a document you can visit our Linked Document Support Pages:

Note: When added the link to Google Docs, be sure to choose [Add URL] and not [Add File]

Linked Document (Webservice)