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How Do Smart Phones and Tablets compare to PDA-based Tango™ RoundsLogging?

The use of Smart Phones and Tablets is growing by leaps and bounds while long term software support for PDA's is uncertain. While industrial Smart Devices applications are still in their infancy, consider these advantages for using Smart Devices instead of PDA's for Tango™ RoundsLogging applications such as basic care inspections, operator rounds, or lubrication routes:

1 - No Software Installation Headaches
Smart Devices only require an Internet address for Tango™ RoundsLogging. PDA's require the installation of Tango RoundsLogging software, and the complexity of installation varies significantly between different PDA's using different operating systems. Regardless of whether the Smart Device is Apple or Android based, Tango™ Mobile RoundsLogging operates the same way and allows users to get busy collecting data rather than wasting time dealing the ins and outs of software installation.

2 - No Docking and Synching Hassles
Because Smart Devices connect wirelessly to the Internet, routes can be opened and collected data can be transferred to the database without going near an office computer. Users do not have to travel back and forth between office and plant to download and upload routes, eliminating the hassles off syncing a PDA through a wired cradle. All Tango™ Mobile RoundsLogging needs to work with the database is a connection to the Internet; if no signal is available, all data is stored to the device's cache until the signal is available again.

3 - Lower Cost to Purchase and Maintain
Industrial PDA's cost $3000 to $4000 each; even with the cost of Internet service Smart Devices cost significantly less to purchase and maintain.

4 - And finally, with Smart Devices there's no PDA stylus to Lose!

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