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Reliability Info Mgt.- Why Care?

Managing Motor Reliability

Managing Reliability Across the Corporation

Your Predictive Maintenance Team is technically top-notch, right?

So why do machines still fail in service?

TANGO™ Acute Entry E-mails can help you eliminate the 'dropped balls' between your PDM Team and Maintenance Execution!

Tango™ Acute Condition Entry e-mails provide immediate notification of a new or revised equipment condition problem:
  • Regardless of which brands of monitoring technologies you're using
  • Whether you have service contractors or in-house technicians doing the work.

This Tango™ function should be turned on for planners, area managers, maintenance supervisors, and reliability engineers who need to know about a potentially critical equipment problem as soon as it's discovered. Tango™ can be configured to distribute an e-mail alert to the specific group of people who may need to start a maintenance work order, locate critical spares, or understand the potential impact on production schedules.

Acute Email Notifaction

Here's how Tango™ Acute Condition Entry E-Mail works:

  • The condition entry severity levels that should trigger e-mailed alerts are defined in your Tango™ web-hosted database.
  • The user names who should receive e-mail alerts are configured:
    • Their user region is defined, specifying the assets within the plant for which they are responsible.
    • Their user name is tagged to receive the acute condition entry e-mails.
    • As soon as an in-house technician or service contractor documents a problem at the specified severity on an asset in the user 's region, the alert e-mail is distributed.
    • Alerted users then open the browser based Tango™ Integrated Condition Status Report to view complete details and initiate the appropriate response.

Improve Your Reliability...

Call 24/7 Systems at 865-681-0282 if you want to learn improve the bottom line results from your PDM program with Tango™ Acute Condition Entry E-Mails.